Simplifying life one day at a time


About The Blog

Welcome to Simple Sage Living, I’m Kirstin. I’m a wife to my amazing husband of almost 11 years, and stay-at-home mom to three. Wander is my oldest she just turned 9, Flora is my middle and she is almost 7, and then there is Dozer (short for Bulldozer) my 3 year old son bringing up the rear. I write about steps our family is taking to live a more simple and intentional life. You can read more about them and their nicknames here.

My goal is to help you start your own journey to a simple life. What that looks like is different for each family. My simple life is a continual work in progress. I’m not perfect, I don’t really even know what I’m doing but we are having fun and learning a long the way. Through the blog you expect to read about what I’m learning about myself through the process of striving for minimalism, simple food ideas or recipes that we are incorporating to simplify life and our budget, as well as fun stories and anecdotes about changing our family’s way of life.


I love to connect with people. My favourite way to do so is through comments. I do take the time to read each of the comments left and I do my best to answer any questions you may have. If you have longer questions please feel free to email me here. I also love to share on social media. You can follow me on Facebook so you know when each new post is published. If you want the a weekly summary of what I’m doing and a simple weekly goal checklist please subscribe to my emails. I also absolutely love sharing what we are up to on Instagram. You can often find out what kind of shenanigans we are getting into through the day, so even if its not up on the blog you can see what my daily life looks like!

About our Family

We’ve been married for almost 11 years. We got married right after we both graduated from Trent University. Myself with a degree in math and physics and the Husband with a degree in history. We both have a love for history and generally you can find us spending our down time reading or dragging the kids to yet another museum!

Our life hasn’t always been about moving to minimalism and simplistic days. In fact, if you were to look at our house you might conclude that it is anything but! Our move to minimalism was out of necessity and a desire for a more mentally healthy household. Over the last year my husband has been through a few different job changes. We’ve moved through a season in ministry, to being in construction full time ,to being a full time distance education student, to back at work in construction while also being an intern. Whew. Its been a wild year! With all that whirlwind we realized we needed to simply everything else.

So as I attempt to move away from my old pack-rat, hoarding tendencies I hope to share with you what I have learned, what we eat, and simple strategies that are changing our day-to-day life.