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The Simple Sage Family

The Simple Sage Family

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Families. Gotta love them. They are anything but simple. All sorts of personalities thrown together in tight quarters and we demand that we all need to love each other and get along. Yeah right.

Our family is a wonderful mash of different personalities. Each member has a personality that complements everyone else, and also clashes with all the others. We have ups and downs as we learn how to work together through these little conflicts. Through out my posts you will notice that I don’t actually use my kid’s real names. The reason for this is due to the fact that I would like to protect some of their privacy. If they choose to share their names publicly later when they are old that’s fantastic but for now here is some more about their names.


Wander is 9. She is my first born, the one who made me a mother. She does love a good adventure, but is less apt to take as many risks to her person as her siblings! She loves to go for nature walks, play outside, and play any sport she can think of. This girl has a serious love of dinosaurs. If you need to know anything about a dinosaur she is your girl! She can usually be found helping me in the kitchen, adventuring outside or with her nose buried in a book. Her current favourite selections are Captain Underpants or The Magic Treehouse.

Wander also loves to help. She will routinely help me in the kitchen without any asking. She is very interested in how to combine ingredients to make dinner and how to know if things will taste ok when mixed together and as a result she is a very adventurous eater. Until recently she hadn’t met a veggie she didn’t like.  All that changed the day I put tomatoes in the salad. That went over like a ton of bricks with all the children. Each day Wander has new ideas of what we should try or comes up with different ways to help me around the house. Each stage of child rearing has its ups and downs. But each stage has been my favourite. Its so fun learning about these humans I’m raising and helping to shape them into (hopefully) functional adults.


Flora is my almost 7 year old bull-in-the-china-shop princess. She is a ton of fun, and has a big personality to make up for her small stature. She may have decided to arrive two days after her due date (Wander was prompt and arrived right on time), but when she came she wasn’t wasting any time!

Flora loves all things floral, shocking. She also loves princesses, mermaids, unicorns and rainbows. If it sparkles she will find it, if its pink she will find it and if it is a flower she will pick it. When she is around we never fail to see the beauty in the every day.

Beauty is one thing when this one’s around, the other thing is danger. When she was younger we often referred to her as “Dangerous Baby.” There wasn’t anything she wouldn’t try even if it meant bodily harm, which it usually did. We would often frequent the emergency room for stitches when she was younger. Her wild ways have become slightly (just slightly) more contained as the years go on. We don’t head in for as many “let’s get glued back together” trips to the hospital but there is shocking number of bruises and “Unicorn Horns” (because what princess wants a goose egg). She is wild, she is fun, she is loud, she is spunky, she is strong and I wouldn’t trade her for the world!


Trailing along behind his sisters is Dozer. He’s three. He arrived 3 days before Christmas just to surprise his parents who were planning on welcoming him in January. Coming after two girls Dozer as continued to confirm to us that boys and girls are different. Very very different. There is not a day that goes by lately that is not filled with trucks, noise and dirt. So much dirt! As I write this we are living in the middle of a construction zone. The town is replacing our sewer and water mains, and every day Dozer is out there to greet the trucks.

He has just as much energy, spunk and attitude to keep up with Flora, and enough love of fun to go on fabulous adventures with Wander. Dozer complements each of his sisters’ personalities perfectly. He is our second Dangerous baby but he’s had few trips in for stitches. We are still learning his personality and quirks as the days go on. He is so full of energy I’ve never seen anything like it, granted I’ve never had a son before, I’m told this is totally normal.

One quirk that makes me laugh and it completely baffling at the same time is how he handles food. He is an extremely picky eater. It’s a challenge, but he does not like dinner. In fact he doesn’t much care for eating anything past about 4pm. Me, I live to eat, but him, he’s good. I am working on getting more balanced food into him during the day so that I’m not relying on dinner to give him a big boost of his nutrition. It is a work in progress and one that is certainly challenging for me.

The Husband

There isn’t much to say about my amazing hard working wonderful husband. He is a brick layer and a pastor. We’ve been through a few different jobs over the almost 11 years we’ve been married. The brick laying and the ministry have been the one constant. He works very hard to support us. Sometimes working two jobs.

When Wander was born he had the opportunity to return to school to complete his Bachelor of Religious Education or something along those lines. So over the last 9 years he’s been working away one course at a time to complete it. We are currently in the middle of his “internship” which means this whole process is almost over.  It will be wonderful when it is done, but we aren’t rushing it and enjoying each moment.

Husband is a very caring, hard working husband and father. He does so much to make sure that we as a family are together and functioning as a unit. He is romantic to his core and the greatest encourager. I’m so thankful that we get to do life together!

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